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Our values

  • Saving life and promoting health. Our mission is to help develop new methods to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. 
  • Reproducible, robust science. In our work we are strongly committed to scientific integrity. 
  • Collaboration and community. In our journey we are not alone.
    We are developing strong partnerships with academia and the industry.

What makes us different?

  • We understand biology. Our core team members are biologists, physicians and pharmacists so we will easily find common ground
    with you.
  • We communicate effectively. We all know the success of a project depends on good communication. We always have frequent and honest discussions with our partners.
  • We innovate with you. Research projects can change on the go. We not just work for you, we think together with you to uncover each and every opportunity in your data.

Whether you are working on retrospective clinical studies or cutting-edge transcriptomics experiments, we can support you from the experimental design to the publications of your results. Our team offers state-of-the-art data processing workflows, data visualizations and statistical analysis tailored to your needs.


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